IT - Data Base Developer

We are seeking an expert for data base design and development. Objective is to build an engine able to combine and analyze various types and sources of data to be presented in a customized form of reports.

Job profile:

•    has a lot of experience in correct database design (theoretical and hands-on).
•    has a lot of experience in the creation of legible, correct and easy-to-understand reports (SSRS, Excel, Power BI, Tableau).
•    has a lot of experience in data warehousing (knows the principles of good data warehouse design and knows a bit about SSAS).
•    knows how to write good-quality SQL against OLTP and OLAP sources. If they know MDX, that could help as well but is not mandatory.
•    preferably, you’d like this person to be a mathematician (this is because mathematicians have sharp minds and are almost always pedantic and that’s a good and sought-for quality in data analysis).
•    needs to be good at English, of course.